Doggy Dental Care

10 Apr

Until very recently cleaning a dog’s teeth usually necessitated sedation of the dog, a procedure which is not without its risks and often incurred a hefty price tag. Thankfully, we now have available here in the Algarve a lower cost and far more pleasant dental care solution for your beloved dog.

Throughout the centuries, a dog’s teeth have been crucial to their survival. Indeed, they have an impressive set of teeth, which are equally suitable for grasping and holding as well as for tearing, cutting and eating food.

Even today for the domestic dog, good dental wellbeing is vital to their overall wellbeing. And yet, because of the aforementioned issue of costs and anaesthesia, many dogs have not received good dental care and have endured bad breath, teeth loss, and gum disease. All of these issues can obviously be detrimental to a dog’s wellbeing, due to the discomfort and pain they cause. Even worse, in extreme cases, dental disease can cause damage to your dog’s heart, liver and kidneys,

With veterinarians highlighting that 80% of dogs over the age of three require dental or gum treatment, at the Spotted Dog we are pleased to offer the world’s first 100% ultrasonic toothbrush for dog’s, thereby lowing us over a course of treatment to effectively clean your dogs’ teeth and gums. Even better than all that, with our tasty banana flavoured toothpaste, we do it in a manner your dog will really enjoy. They’ll even have their own personal toothbrush!

Our ultrasonic toothbrush-based treatment toothbrush works completely without vibration and beeping. As so many dogs are sensitive to noise, it makes it ideal for their dental care.

While the causes of mouth odour are various, it is mostly due to bacteria that causes an imbalance in the oral flora and thus cause breath odour. With our treatment programme we can help eliminate bacteria so there is no offensive breath!

With tartar being a common problem for dogs and the cause of other health problems, our treatment programme will help reduce and even eliminate odour.

Motionless and soundless, our use of the emmi-pet toothbrush will not only clean teeth in a manner your dog will enjoy, it is an ideal means for cleaning sensitive gums and inflammations. It even increases blood circulation in the gums, thereby aiding the healing process.

The beautiful Rosa has her teeth cleaned by us every two months, with her loving mommy reporting that ‘the dental care provided by Dominic is excellent and has made a real difference to Rosa’s teeth and breath, for which I’m very grateful as is Rosa’

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